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  1. OK, so my leghorn girls have been laying for about 5 weeks. Yesterday I went to gather eggs and found one under the roost, which happens on occasion. So as I picked it up and I noticed another in the corner of the coop. At the corner of the coop I have a tarp placed on the floor with the litter on top. The floor is gravel so I wanted easier cleaning. So when I moved the corner of the tarp there were 16 eggs hidden. The temps have been cooler than normal here lately and they were layed directly on dry cool gravel. I water tested the freshness and they all layed on the bottom. I'm thinking there is about 8 days worth of eggs from them.

    Should I pitch them, cook them for the chickens, or would it be okay to eat them. Most of the eggs sat flat on the bottom of the bowl when I water tested and some lifted just slightly on the big end. Any thoughts? I'd hate to pitch 16 eggs.
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    I bet they'd cook fine, If you're too worried, cook 'em and give them to the hens or if you've got a dog, they'd likely love them too. The ones that lay flat I'd totally eat...
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    If your temps don't regularly exceed 90 degrees and the eggs aren't cracked, I'd go ahead and eat them! I keep my eggs on my counter,unwashed, at room temp (65-80 for me this time of year). They never last more than 5 days, but I wouldn't have a problem with ones that had been on the counter for a week.
  4. OK. I was figuring on eating them, I just wanted another opinion. Any other's thoughts?
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    Eat them up! They aren't broke and you checked them, I say they are OK.
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    I'd eat them too, no need to waste :)
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    I used to find hidden nests all the time when I free ranged. I did as you described, and if they didn't float we ate them. I'd try to remember to crack them into a separate bowl one at a time just to check, but I didn't always remember. Never had to ditch a dish due to a nasty egg.
  8. Cool thanks! Just wanting to make sure I wasn't too crazy. [​IMG]

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