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    I got 4 chickens about 5 years ago - over the years two had died and for the last year or so I only had two - I have a nice coop and run for them and recently have been letting them out to free roam around the yard - recently one of the chickens began to look sick - it didn't eat and just lay around - today it died - I cut it open to see if it had any crop problems or worms - couldn't find anything - it was real skinny from not eating - well here's my question- I only have this one chicken now - I don't want to get any more with the winter coming - how will a chicken do without any other chickens around - the last two chickens were always together - do you think that the remaining chicken will do ok by itself - or should I cull it - thank you
  2. She needs at least one other chicken for companionship.
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    X 2. Many people will cull chickens this time of year to thin their flocks and would gladly give away a chicken or two, and I would either get 1 or 2 other chickens for company, or I would cull her. Chickens are not meant to be solitary animals living outside.

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