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12 Years
Feb 23, 2011
is this a nice looking black australorp or no?
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Are we talking beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or nice in comparison to the standard for the breed?
I'm no expert on Australorps, but I can already say that the rooster's tail is too high of angle, his back is too low and doesn't sweep into the tail well enough, and his body in general is too production in type. It isn't full, deep, or of proper shape.

The hen, hard to say as I've not got the standard with me, but she looks like a production type Australorp. She should have a much more "full" rear end quite like Orpingtons do, shouldn't have such a high set tail, although she is indeed in an odd gait, so it is hard to say.

From what I've seen, Australorps should have very nice smooth lines, should have a large, dual purpose like body, and reminisce to Orpingtons quite well.

Pretty chickens, but to the standard, they're not perfect.

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