What you wish you knew before buying shipped eggs


6 Years
Jul 16, 2013
I'm starting this thread in an attempt to save others the headache that often comes with buying shipped eggs. There is such a wealth of experience and information here. If you could go back and do it over again, what would you have done differently?
The things I look for now, are they an established breeder ?....
I want to get answers about their feed program , ratio of roo's to hens
actually any questions that will help me determine if they know what they are doing or just running around the back yard picking up eggs from
from their underfed chickens..............I am constantly seeing folks blaming the PO...but I think just as often the care of the breeder flock
is the cause of the problems.. I have received eggs from the other side of the country and had wonderful hatches.
I have learned to do my homework and be willing to pay a little more from a hardworking breeder..............
I wish I had known they need to "settle" a bit before putting them into the incubator. Not saying it is a for sure thing, but the ones that I have had settle for 24 hours did infinitely better than the ones that did not. Just speaking from my experience.
I wish I had known that the hatch rate is only expected to be 50% or so...and sometimes a lot less. I just spent $70. on a dozen fertile hatching eggs and got 1 chick...possibly 2 out of the whole bunch. I think buying day old chicks makes more sense now, but sometimes it is hard to find a hatchery carrying the more rare types. I am still trying to find polish frizzle chicks, but I think I may have to just try my luck at more eggs.

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