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I posted this on another thread but wanted to get some more ideas of what people think

I live down in the western piedmont of NC(west of Charlotte).I have a half acre yard. Half of that is fenced in for my deaf dogs. The rest of is it fairly much gardens-veggies, some flowers, and fruit trees.

The very back corner is where the coop is and their nothing but dirt run.

What do you think of a tractor as a perm coop situation. I'm looking at either an A-frame or a mini hoop coop. Both would be made out of sheep panels (similar to cattle panels but smaller holes) heavy duty no sag material. They will be a min. 4 ft x8ft 4ft high with a roosting area and feeding area on one end and external nest boxes. No more than 4 chickens per. There will be an 18 in skirt around the bottom of the tractor to keep predators out.

While I do have hawks, raccoon, and other critters, I've not lost one of my birds to them while free-ranging on fresh grass, in the woods, or in the gardens in winter(or when they could hop the fence!) I have lost them to feral cats and neighbors dogs.

The tractor would be moved at least weekly to keep the birds on the freshes spots available(drought provided) I am also hoping to have them between the garden beds to help with bugs.

In case of really cold weather (I believe in open air coops but all that snow this year has been crazy) I can attach 16 mil pastic to the sides to keep the snow out or tin panels to cut the wind.

So Whatcha think?

ETA--the roosting area will probably be made of 1/4 plywoor backed with a 2x4 frame (I picked them up at the same place I got a bunch of real nice pallets and 2x4's) If that doesn't work into plans it will be a roofing tin area.
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It sounds good to me. You have really planned it out. I think you are right, the only thing I would be worried about is keeping the birds protected from the cold/snow. But winters for you are not too bad right? Winter is rather mild and short??


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Sounds perfectly reasonable, just make sure you have a plan for dealing with tractor sanitation during the times of year when you cannot move the thing weekly. (Serious mud, or lingering snow). You may well have to add some straw/mulch/shavings/whatever and muck them out and replace periodically. Quite doable, just want to make sure you've thought it out ahead of time.

Good luck, have fun,


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