What's a good reputable hatchery that you've had a good experiance w/?

Are you looking for anything specific? Just barnyard variety or do you plan on breeding or showing?

This information would really help in making recommendations.
I used meyer hatchery and only got 8 birds and I am very satisfied O% loss from day of shipment - present day.

Cackle Hatchery...and Mt.healthy
I had a wonderful experience with meyer also. used their small order service, ordered 7 pullets, got 8 and the extra was of same gender and breed as one of the breeds in the order.

They are happy healthy laying machines now! they are the grown up girls you can see on the chickNcam running in the larger pen.
So production RIR, Leghorns, or Rocks are the most likely candidates unless you are considering sexlinks. BTW sexlinks do not breed true and do not usually have the laying abilities of the parent stock.

For that all the above, the suggestions for hatcheries are are viable. IMHO
I got an order from Cackle yesterday morning. I ordered 105 and received 108 They are all big, healthy chicks. There isn't a single weak one in the bunch.


They have a great catalog with real pictures of breeds, not drawings.
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