What's a safe anesthesia for chickens?

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  1. What's a safe anesthesia for chickens? For dogs people say Benadryl, but how much would you give to a chicken?
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    Benadryl is an antihistamine not an anesthesia.
  3. Well, what is?
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    Why do you need to anaesthetise your chickens?

    Isoflurane and Halothane are two examples of inhalational anaesthetics that can be used to anaesthetise your chickens. Ketamine and Diazepam and Propofol are three examples of injectable anaesthetics.

    But you need a veterinary prescription for these drugs. Your veterinary surgeon will not prescribe these drugs to you because a skilled and qualified person, such as a veterinary surgeon, are required.

    If you chicken requires medical attention, take it to the vet.

    Unless your talking about a topical anaesthetic. But i'm not sure whether the topical anaesthetic creams we use on ourselves can be safely used on chickens. Contact your local avian veterinary surgeon for advice.
  5. Don't have $1000 extra spending money :/

    Just need her to pass out for about an hour or half an hour.
    She needs an " Egg Tumor" taken out.
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    Did you have any luck? I'd like to try caponizing, and would prefer to give him a little something. Might try to get some Propofol. I have some leftover Oxycodone and Oxycontin. Any idea whether these could be administered orally in poultry, or any guess on dosage? Based on weight, I'm thinking about 1/20th of my dose? My alternative to caponizing is harvesting, so if things go south, we'll just dispatch him...

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