What's an 'Olive Egger'?


10 Years
Dec 28, 2009
Bay Area CA
Saw an add on craigslist for 'olive egger' chicks. Do they actually lay olive colored eggs? Or is it another name for an ameraucana? Thanks I was curious to see what they were! Any one have any pictures too?!
I think they lay dark green eggs. Americaunas only lay blue eggs(I think). So they would be a variety of EE.
It is my understanding that olive eggers are pullets resulting from an Easter Egger roo over a Black Copper Marans hen. The pullets mature and lay olive-colored (a dark mossy green) eggs. "Sonew123" on here has olive eggers and posts pictures of the eggs they produce when she's selling them in the hatching eggs auction section of the forum.

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