Whats better, coops or small barn?


10 Years
Jul 13, 2009
I am expanding my flock, and am trying to decide if I should do 4x8 coops or a small barn divided with and runs. I have not really done the math yet to decide which is best. I would think it would be easier to clean one large area, and easier for me to lock them up at night instead of counting heads and locking up 4 different coops. Which is more cost effective 4 4x8 coops or one say 2ox20 barn?
If you have the choice...I'd choose the BARN!!!!

I can not even describe to you in words very well the amount of work you will save by having ONE area to maintain.

Once I had 11 coops/hutches going. Now I am down to one shed. And just ordered an automatic door opener/closer.

Cost efffective- I'd consider the time saved for years and years!!!
Thank you very much, I was thinking that it would be easier, but who knows maybe there is a downside to a barn instead of coops. I think it would be less susceptible to getting mold because of better airflow too.
Barn would be my choice. I hope someday to be able to build one, with divided pens and runs coming off those outside. One space, everything in one place. Much easier, IMO, than multiple coops like I have now. Of course, when we started, we didn't expect the hobby to snowball.
Are you planning on living there forever? If you ever move, I think a barn would have better resale value for people that might not be interested in having chickens or that many chickens. It could be remodeled for other uses.
My choice would be the barn as well. If I was starting from scratch I would look into setting it up so that the pens could be configured more than one way to maximize space when needed.
A barn or shed,depending on how big you want to grow. If you have the room go barn. Since most barn kits use 24'trusses I'd go 20'x24' at least. If money and space allow step up to 24'x30'. Our barn is 24x30,serving as workshop,tractor shed,motorcycle garage,feed room and general storage and it's crammed full. I can't even get a car or truck in to work on them out of the weather! And I still have a hen house and a grow-out coop for the chickens!

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