what's dry incubation?

Dry incubation is what happens when you live it the desert. No matter how much water you add, the humidity never goes over 35%
Like every hatch I do.

No really, someone more versed than me should be able to help, but I think it is when you do not add water or worry about humidity until lockdown, when you bump humidity up over 70%
It is the only way I can get a hatch- You use no added water - I monitor Temp not humidity -
I have not followed the normal hatching rules in 4 years - I put them in the turner and do not turn it off they hatch right in the turner -
my hatch is about 85 on shipped 90 % on my own -
No added water during incubation. I'm trying it this time around, the last several hatches I've had terrible results and the very last batch I lost 60% of the ones who made it to lock down to drowning.
well, the reason why i ask is cuz my eggs will be here on thursday. i've hatched before....but that was when i was a teen.....22 yrs ago!!! i know i used water during the whole process, but it was SO long ago i can't remember my hatch rates. but what's the physiological stuff that goes on inside the shell i wonder? so if i were to do the dry method.....only add water when lockdown begins? and open the vent hole i'm assuming? thanks guys!
ok, i just read that whole article about dry incubation.....how informative! i think i'm gonna do like u were talking about.....compromise a bit and just add a bit of water here and there....i don't have a device to measure my humidity though.....
I wish I could tell you... My first Dry Incubation ended with power outtage just before hatch, lost everybody. I could see the little feathers through the egg shell. Next time there won't be no blizzard, dang it!

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