what's everyone's hallowen plans?


11 Years
Aug 18, 2008
We're co hosting a kid friendly party/. and the costumes are as follows.
me: Modern Vamp
Hubby: tattoo biker guy
oldest daughter: mermaid
son: Mickey
younger daughter: Minnie
o snap

I forgot about it
I'm going to a Halloween party with a bunch of my friends and we are going to get candy and tell ghost stories and play games.

I'm going to be Ness and my best friend is going to be Lucas. PK Fiya!!
SWEET! in more ways than one!

Kids love the game plants vs zombies, so gonna drop $5 at the goodwill for clothes to wreck and facepaint. Made some cardboard cut outs of zombies from the game to put in the lawn.
We will be having our annual Halloween parties. What game is plants vs zombies? We have all October birthdays so I could use a few more game ideas. Can you tell me how it works?
we're doing witch hat ring toss, a bone hunt the kids have to find the hidden skeleton bones and then it's resembled into the skeleton, ummm the story boxes with dried apricot for a corpses nose, glove filled w/jello, spaghetti brains etc... and all kinds of gross looking snacks and drinks.

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