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May 3, 2015
Today, I noticed one of the astrolorpes comb looked pretty gross. Then I noticed another one had red broken skin all around her eyes. The three red sex link pulleys looked great, and the other austrolorpe seemed fine. So is this a disease or are they pecking each other. sorry the pictures not good, even though I handled them daily - they dont like to be held. So I had to bribe
My biddies had this when they were little. If I remember correctly it was a matter of establishing pecking order. It will look into it for you. Your biddies are cute by the way!
Much better pic! Thanks. When mine were little they would rub their heads against the wire to get out and would get sores like this. Have you noticed yours doing anything like that?
I haven't seen them rubbing. They do stick their heads out a lot. But the holes are pretty big so I don't see anything getting rubbed or pulled. I let them free range supervised every day - and I don't see any rubbing outside either. Should I put anything on it to keep it from getting infected? (I'll try to get a pick of the other guy too)
I'm no pro, but lookin closer at it, it looks like it's being rubbed/scratched of. Like I said earlier, mine got this by rubbing their heads against the wire. I would put medicine on it to prevent it from getting infected. Ever heard of newstock ?
Yea, the other chickens will peck at the blood sometimes. One of my hens had a little trouble with the rooster and he hurt her kinda bad. When ever she went near the rest of the chickens they would try to peck at the scab and drink her blood. I put that newstock on it and it healed her pretty fast and made the other chickens leave her alone cause they don't like it.

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