Whats happened to my incubator temp


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Sep 27, 2010
Had the thing lined out for 2 days at 99.5 and 50% humidity. Got my eggs in and was about to put them in the oven and now my temps off. No matter how little I move the temp control...one hair either way I end up at either 99.3 or 99.8. Should I dump the water and start over? I have not put the eggs in yet but want to get them in before I go to bed.

Thanks all
THANK YOU....I find so much information on temps...sometimes too much lol. What about humidity? I am holding 48-54%.
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Its a little high in my opinion but I don't know what your environment is like. I usually tell people to start with 30 to 40% the first 18 days an 60 to 70% after that. Everyone you ask is going to have a opinion on humidity. Your trying to lose 14% of the water in the egg by day 18 so read up on candling an adjust your humidity that way.
I thought it was going to keep on climbing...but its holding 48-49%. After you put your eggs in how long does it usually take for the temp to line back out? Its a little giant with a fan and I put in 19 eggs.
At least you didnt do what I did this morning. I have a hatch going on and I went to wet the sponges and accidently squirted the thermometer and now it isn't working right grrrr.
I keep (or try to keep) my temp at 99 the whole time. but it can go up or down a couple degrees w/out harming them. and the humidity, i try and keep it around 35-40 for the first 18 days, then get it up to 65 on day 18 for lock down. seems to work just fine for me.

I'm dealing with major temp decreases/increases now with 35 eggs in there, day 3! I'm so hoping I haven't ruined them all!!!
your temp is fine. so is the humidity. i dont even use a humidity guage any more. if the windows get too wet, i open the top quick to let some out, otherwise i just dump water in every other day. i have great hatches (usually 8 out of 10 make it). my friend keeps her sportsman at a constant 60 percent, and she doesnt lose many to drowning either. your humidity is more important when you go to hatch, not so much when you are incubating.

remember, there is no fan or humidity guage attached to a chickens butt. they aren't perfect, and neither are we.
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I had a real problem with temps in my LG as well! They had dropped to the high 80's and climbed to over 102, after finally pinning the temp to 99/100 2 days ago my power goes out for 24 hrs! Oct. 9th is the due date for them and I figured with all my temp problems the batch was gone. I took 1 egg out and cracked it open to find a cute little baby moving around...I felt really bad for that 1 but hopeful for the rest. Good luck with your temps!

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