what's in a duck house?


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Apr 24, 2015
Hi. My ducks are almost ready to start being outside. That means hubby needs to finish their habitat. He has a structure built that more resembles a chicken coop. It seem on this sight I see more duck "pens" or areas with a minimal structure like shelter (maybe just a small laying area?)
So please, enlighten me on what an ideal duck area for 6 ducks would be.
Just some information
We have hot summers with monsoons and early long colder winters with moderate snowfall.
Thanks duckies !!!!#


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Mar 8, 2014
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Hello. Congrats on your ducks. I started out with chickens. I had to modify my coop and pen just to allow the ducks to waddle in and out. We made ramps to help them when they fist got out there but they can get up in out with no problem now. They need lots of water access for eating and playing.

They are cute as anything and stick to each other more than with our chickens. I don't know that I helped but my ducks seem pretty easy to please. Enjoy them.

Do you have pics of your coop and area?

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