What's in my duck's eye?


Mar 6, 2018
Look at this with all the bubbles and that yellow thing in the corner, poor duck has her eye mid shut, I tried to take that yellow thing off but it hurt her too much when I do.
Make up a saline solutions with 1/8th teaspoon salt to 1 cup of warm water mix till salt is dissolved then try pouring over her eye maybe washing it out will get what ever that is out or is it stuck in to the eye ball? Then you may need vet assistance. You could also try some type of medicated eye drops. But I think initially a good saline rinse would be best.
A Tab of ACV into her bucket of drinking water may help also 1 Tab to 1 gal of water.

Please update when you can.
What does ACV do?
I poured 1 cup of salty water on her eye and a day later the eye looks better. I think it was damaged by the eagle because a yellow part is still there and looks like a scar in her cornea.

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