What's most desirable in a Silver Duckwing Hen?


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Apr 14, 2009
Is it better to have some brown in the feathering of the back, like this ?

Or to be more solidly grayish colored on the back feathers like this ?

Or is it neither? It seems like the second hen is a nicer looking hen, but is that what's to be desired?
Head plumage- white

Neck-silvery white free from striping, front black.

Back - silvery white,

Saddle- silvery white free from black striping

Tail: main tail - black, sickles and coverts - lustrous blue-black, smaller coverts - white.

Wings: shoulders - lustrous black, fronts lustrous black, bows silvery white, coverts - lustrous blue-black , forming a distinct bar across wings.

Primaries - black except lower feathers, outer web of which should be white,

Secondaries - part of the outer webs forming wing bay - white, remainder of secondaries - black

lower thighs - black

Beak : white, shanks and toes pinkish white.

Head plumage -silvery grey

neck: silvery gray, with a narrow black stripe through piddle of each feather, terminating in a point near it's lower extremity.

Front of neck - pale salmon
back: medium gray, finely stippled with light ashy gray, the light ashy gray predominating, free from shafting.

tail: main tail - black except the two top feathers, which should be medium gray, stippled with lighter gray

wings: shoulders, fronts, bows, covers and secondaries - medium gray, finely stippled with light ashy gray, the light ashy gray predominating, free from shafting.

Primaries - black

Breast: salmon, shading to light ashy gray at thighs.

Body and stern - light ashy gray.

Lower thighs - light ashy gray

Beak : white, shanks and toes pinkish white.

Old english silver duckwing.
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Ok, thanks everyone. The ones with brown feathering were given to me, so I wasn't expecting perfection.

Interestingly enough, you should see the '100%' perfect Sebright rooster he gave me also. It looks just like any other rooster, the tail feathers and all.

I guess I was just his way of culling his flock lol.
On my computer the neck doesn't look silver enough on either picture...to me they both look like cream light browns; the first picture particularly so.
I did have some silver duckwing Welsumers which had mahogany (from breeding with partridge e+ Wellies) This gave a similar look.
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