What's that blob in the egg??

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    Yesterday I boiled a few of our eggs and in one of them, after it was hard boiled, I found a strange blob, much bigger that meat spots usually are.. It was about 0.2 X 0.3 " (0.5 X 0.8 cm) and reddish-brown, sitting on the outside of the yolk. It felt "meaty"' like a piece of boiled liver. The surrounding egg white was discolored with brown as well. Can't have been fertilized - I've got 4 egg laying hens and two 8 weeks old chicks. No rooster.

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    That has nothing to do with fertilization. Even if it were incubated, by the time it got that big there would be blood vessels all over. You were right to eliminate fertility as a cause.

    That looks like a big meat spot. Sometimes hens slough off stuff inside the body cavity and it winds up going down the egg making factory with the yolk. That’s what a meat spot is. That one is unusually big and I don’t know what that sloughed off of. Maybe someone with a medical background could tell us if the liver ever does slough off big pieces. Looks kind of big to be off of a kidney or any other organ I can think of. I don’t think it signifies a sick hen but I’m not a medical expert.

    That’s not very appetizing, is it? I get a lot more blood spots than meat spots, but I think it’s a good idea when cracking one of our eggs to add to a recipe to crack it in a separate bowl. I don’t reject many but occasionally I get one bad enough that I don’t want to use it. In theory they are safe to eat, but sometimes the YUK! factor trumps theory.
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    Probably a piece of tissue sloughed off the inside of the reproductive system...could have been a large clot of blood too.
    Definitely a yuk factor.. ..which I usually say will have you breaking eggs in a separate dish instead of into pan or recipe for a good while....
    .....but hard boiling pretty much rules that out.

    Hopefully it's one off and you won't see it again anytime soon.

    I had a bloody egg layer this summer...once in awhile and/or tiny spots is not unusual,
    but these were pretty big spots and happened more than once with the same customer.
    After the 3rd I had her save the shell and contents for me so I could pinpoint which bird......one more, then it stopped and hasn't happened again.
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