What's the average range for a Hawk?


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In my area we have redtails, sharpshinned, & red shouldered hawks, but I've mostly seen the red tailed hawk, and too close for comfort.

I've searched on here for info on keeping most hawks away, and fishing line strung with old CD's seem to be the norm here, and I have no problem with that, it would work in my yard.

What I want to know is what is the average range for an above mentioned hawk; for instance, if I see one every few days in my own yard and he looks familiar to me, am I seeing the same one that uses the same area, or am I seeing many hawks. I'm trying to get familiar with these preds.

Any raptor specialists out there?

Is it just me, or has there been a major rash of hawk happenings lately????
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Nesting densities have been recorded as low as one pair per 18 square miles in sub-optimal Alaskan habitat to as high as one pair per 0.5 square miles in California. The average has been suggested as one pair for every 2.2 square miles.​


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You are most likely seeing the same bird. At this time of year you might see an adult pair and up to two off spring. Adults have the red tail and off spring have a barred tail. Adults will not let other adults in their teritory. They will some times tollerate offspring of other birds.
I would think a person could set up a timer with a Jam box on loud that would go off several times a day for about a half an hour. Each time it went off it would scare away the hawk or its prey. Just protect the jam box from weather.


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Sep 16, 2008
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We have a pair of red tail hawks that hunt together. They usually fly over at least once or twice a day and from what I can see they come over from the lake and go up towards the mountain, probably a good 5 mile range. One of them had been worrying my hens and unfortunately for him he flew into the front window either chasing a rabbit or trying to get my pom who was in the window. My hens are finally coming out of the coop again but I expect the mate will be back to try to get the hens again. They have definitely been more active lately, I used to only see them three or four times a week and now it's daily.


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You are most likely looking at the same hawk. They can easily cover a 5 mile area hunting but tend to stay in a 2 - 3 radius if food is readily available.

Get ready to see more and more because they are beginning to start their migration from the northern areas. Later this month you will see the number of Hawks double...easily.
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I swear I see the same hawk over and over again by our property. I've seen him try to scoop up my neighbor's rat terriers... but they are way to big for this guy. I'm not sure if really ever travels very far elsewhere?! I'm not sure where they live and how their nesting habits are. Sorry I'm worthless with this question, just curious myself.

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