Whats the best roofing for a chicken run?


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Oct 30, 2012
We have a run coming off our coop, since we live in Oregon and its getting into rainy season we need to get a roof on our run area. I dont like the mud! and Im sure the chickens dont either! The run is wood with chicken wire for sides. So whatever we put for a roof needs to drill into wood well, and still be sturdy. We're hoping to not spend too much money. What did you use for your run roofing? It doesnt snow here usually, but it does get windy and very rainy. The run is built at an angle so water will run off whatever roof we use. Our run is 8 feet wide and 14 feet long i believe. So yeah, what did everyone else use? how did you get it on? how much did it cost? any other advice, etc? Thanks so much for the help!! ( We also tried a tarp on it for right now, its not working SUUUPER...well either).
We roofed our coop and run with Suntuf polycarbonate. The panels come in 2' widths and a variety of lengths for about $22 each in our area. We needed 11 panels for our roof that measures 20' long by 8' wide (1 ft overhangs), so total cost was about $240 plus the special screws and wiggle foam that supports the panels underneath.

Great investment so far. The fall rains just started a couple weeks ago. The run is dry and the girls are happy!
Find Galvalume metal panels. They are 36" wide and can be any length. They stay cooler than tin, in the summer and are only $1.75 per LF here in Tennessee. Good Luck
My roof (8x10) is shingled. It took me 3 panel of 8x4 OSB sheets at 12$ and 3 pack of roof shingle that can cover 32sq/ft at 25$ each. Nails have been given to me so i saved a bit there... Including the taxes it costed me around 150$ to do the roof. My coop and run is dry since!!!

Im from Canada so maybe prices arent what it is in your area.

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