Whats the best way to hatch chicks?


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Aug 12, 2010
My friend wants some chicks and i have fertilized eggs from my hens, but i wasnt sure which incubator is cheep but efficent. Anybody know what the best incubator is that is cheep?
My last incubator was a Hovabator 1588, with an automatic fan and turner. It also had an electronic thermostat. The package came with quail eggs, for I believe $187.00. I thought that was a good deal, and it hatched OK. I didn't like hatching much, so I sold it. I h ad a 50% hatch on shipped quail eggs, and a little over 50% on chicken eggs that came from Texas to Ohio, so I think it worked well.
I love my Brinsea Mini Advance. (brinsea.com)

It will only take 7 eggs at a time, though. (For me, that's good!)

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