What's the best way to move chickens from a tractor coop?


12 Years
Oct 1, 2011
They roosted in the wrong coop last night after being let out to free range, so I need to move 3 hens. And there's a mean roo in there, too. What methods do you use to get just a few birds out of a tractor? I have a net, but I can't reach in the tractor with it. I'm pretty good at grabbing them, but they have to come close enough to the door. Ideas?
If it's possible in your situation I'd keep the three hens in the right coop for a week or two to get them to realize that's this is their 'new' home. As for getting them, how big is the tractor?

HS Pye
Without knowing what your tractor looks like, it's hard to give suggestions... but... how about sprinkling some scratch on the ground close enough so you can grab them? How about catching and confining the rooster first so you can then work with the hens without interference from Mr. Meany-Pants. I had a nasty cockrel in a 3 x 6 tractor, and I couldn't reach in there without him trying to take a hunk out of me. You need to teach that roo some manners. Catch him and pin him to the ground by the scruff of the neck until he submits. repeat as necessary. You can use a piece of cardboard or plywood to herd the girls or roo into a small area to make it easier to catch them. You might have to enlist the assist of someone else to herd them within your grasp. Can you wait till evening when they "go to sleep" then re-locate them??? That would be less stressful for all parties concerned.
I ended up getting them all in their new places, and now they won't free-range until they're sure of their home. It was my first time to let out three 3x8 tractors of birds at once. A bunch of them had it right but switching them today was tricky.

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