What's the best way to tag chicks?


10 Years
Jan 30, 2009
St. Amant, LA
How do you tag or band newly hatched chicks to tell which mother they came from?
Do they make bands that small, or is there a better way?
Yes they do, I bought some and never used them. I only got one chick so it didn't mater. The problem is if you take them out of the bator to band them when they hatch you lose your humidity. and that is all bad.
You can use food coloring for a short while (they get new feathers fast). Red on left wing for one group, blue on right wing for another group and so on.
WHEN do you tag them? I'm afraid I won't know which are from which eggs as they hatch in the bator. I'm sure they will be mixed up by the time I allow lockdown to end.

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