Whats the best way to transport grown geese?


12 Years
Mar 6, 2007
I want to take 3 grown toulouse around 900 miles. Guess what,in a car. What would you consider the best way to do this and still have clean seats when it's done?
I happen to have one of them. I will assume I do have to make sure they can stand and move around? would they be to cramped in a smaller crate?
900 miles is a long ride, however in a car i doubt you'd be able to fit a big enough one for 3 adult geese to move around in comfortably.

Heres a thought....just as when we travel we have to sit what about just having them in carriers that are only big enough for them to calmly sit in (assuming that's the biggest size you can fit in a car..if you can fit bigger great!!!)....then when you stop somewehre for a break...(this is where having a collapsable crate will come in perfectly) take out a collapsable crate set it up...herd the three geese into it (one at a time or all together, let them drink, eat and poo whatever...) then when you think they've got enough to start the trip again back on the road you go! Atleast that's what i'd do.

I'd take a crate big enough for all three to fit in while sitting down...so that it will fit in the car....then along with that a bigger crate that's collapsable (so it will fit in the car) as their "play pen". I'd also take a blanket or two like the person above suggested, shavings, natural air freshener (that pure orange oil spray is good--so you can breath through teh goose poo ha ha), paper towels and cleaner for any poo accidents. Lots and lots of water, food. Extra bedding.

I can't think of anything else but boy are you going to bein for a journey!

i brought my goose home, as a big goose, and he managed to poop out all the holes/mesh and all over my car. It wasn't like firmish poop either, it was like someone sprayed liquid poop, stinky, wet slimy poop. It was disgusting. So if i were you, I would put the crate in some sort of box, or have something to keep the poop IN... maybe some sort of goose diapers....
i put mine in a big plastic wmart plastic container. the really big kind. holes poked in lid. with dark they are calmer. for various birds, when on highway, they are totall calm. only move around and complain when off highway. at rest stop, take out metal dog run that folds up nicely in car. they are too tall for geese to get over in my experience.
I have the same problem, I have 6 Canada geese full grown......4 Toulouse geese full grown,. and 8 mallard ducks. I am moving to Maine from Idaho....and was looking for some advice on the method. I was thinking of getting some of those humungus plastic dog kennels and putting couples together. Then for the Canada's...putting 3 in each kennel. My question is.....if there is enough room in the uhaul....would it be appropriate to put some of them in there...making sure that nothing can fall on the kennels when bumping along. I was thinking of jamming the back door open about 12 inches to allow a good air supple for them but was thinking of exhaust maybe back flowing in the truck and making them sick..........the ducks can go in bunny cages. Does this sound ok to everyone...or am I wayyy off base here...jean...moving between nov 1 to dec 15...2017
The best way would be loose, in deep shavings, in a horse trailer or open stock trailer. Otherwise, I would haul them in airline type dog kennels in the back of a truck or large suv. I would not transport in an enclosed uhaul trailer, nor would I jam back door open to create air.

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