What's the easiest/fastest/least expensive way to redesign?

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    Hubs will FREAK if I suggest anything, but inside the coop gets hotter than the run. It's built of hardyboard, so tough to cut out more windows, but it could be done. If I go that route, is it best to ventilate down low because of the roosts being up high (to prevent direct drafts?) The coop is about 8x8 and it has an open doorway and two small windows. We bought a small fan to hang and that may be enough, but I think we need more.
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    I would think that more ventilation would be needed up high. Heat rises. But I'm certainly no coop expert, so I'll kick back awhile and see what everyone else has to say. [​IMG]
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    Rather than trying to cut hardyboard (I hear ya!), it would be easier to just *remove* some of the hardyboard panels. And make the resulting openings your windows/ventilation-openings. If the coop is located somewhere sheltered-enough to just take the siding off all of one wall, that often works well in Florida. Otherwise, perhaps remove the siding from the bottom 1/2 of one wall and put a little 'porch roof' over top to keep rain from blowing in -- that would allow a low cool-air inlet, assuming your windows are reasonably high up. But honestly, in hot climates just having a whole wall open, or at least a floor-to-ceiling opening IN a wall, works as well or better than "some vents low, some vents high".

    Partly it may depend on how your siding is configured, and therefore what shape/size/location opening(s) can most easily be created.

    Good luck, have fun,


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