What's the longest you've waited? Really need advice PLEASE


10 Years
Jun 19, 2009
East Central Indiana
I had 12 silkie eggs go into lockdown. I've had five hatch. It is now day 23 and I've candled the remaining seven and still see veins in most of them and definite movement in one. What should I do? I'm not ready to give up yet but how long should I wait before I try to open one to see what is going on in there???
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I am on day 23 as well. I ran my temps a degree too low.

This morning, one pipped but never zipped. When I went home for lunch and inspected, it had died in the shell. I'm giving mine until the morning of the 25th day, that's this Thursday. If nothing by then, well...
For myself, I'd pop a small hole in the air cell end to give it some air, and see if you see a beak pipped through the membrane. That way it will have some air and hopefully hatch. I am sure the group of "anti-help" folks will likely rail about that advice, but that is what I would do. I personally don't like to see them die in the shells. I have heard that silkies are hard to hatch; I have never tried, so not sure how true that is. I know call ducks frequently need help, that is what I am working with, and I wish I had gotten a bit more aggressive with a few that I have lost so far.
I poked a hole in the top of one in the bathroom after my shower so it was nice and hot n humid in there.the membrane looked white and dry. It had not poked thru yet and I could still see quite a bit of veins in the membrane. I added a tiny drop of water to remoisten the membrane and wrapped it in a warm wet rag. I don't think they are ready since there are so many veins still. I'm going to have to watch that one very carefully to make sure it doesn't shrink wrap now.
Curse my impatients! I regret that it may have been at the cost of a life of a little baby chick but you live and you learn I guess.
For the record this is only my second hatch.
My last one wasn't born till day 27....They will come out when they are ready....I would say DO NOT open the eggs....made that mistake once with a chick that hadnt pipped on day 25... I could hear it cheeping like it couldn't get out....well, I opened the egg....it died 6 days later.....Still having hard time with that decision...NOW I WAIT....if they are meant to be...they will come in their own good time.

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