What's The Mystery Material In My Chicken's Feed Bag?


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Jun 20, 2020
I just bought a bag of Producer's Pride corn/wheat mix from Tractor Supply. I empty the bags into a galvanized can. At the 'bottom' of this bag was something I'd NEVER seen. It looked like a HUGE glob of packed black sand! It was solid and heavy. Gasp!! Any ideas? I'll post the photo.
It looks like minerals to me. It looks like you have a lose seed feed, not a pellet. They mix in minerals to the seeds to make it complete but the weight and size of the mineral mix allows it to naturally separate in the bagging process. Then when the machine is filling the last of the bags it drops in all the "bits" that unmixed from the natural machine vibration. Very normal, but also not what you paid for. I'd write and ask for a refund. If you buy enough mixed bagged products you'll run into this sometimes. It's happened to me on bags of potting soil too.

Having said that, if it smells moldy, it's mold.

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