What's the soonest you can feel a quail egg move?

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Mar 11, 2009
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I have some coturnix quail eggs that were on Day 8 yesterday.

They're in my homemade coolerbator which, honestly, probably has inconsistent temperatures throughout, despite its computer fan, and it fluctuates. With my Reptitherm 500 and a light bulb I'm probably averaging maybe 100 degrees, though.

I only candled 3 out of 40 eggs yesterday because I'm afraid to mess with them too much and don't know how well I can see anything, anyway. The first one had a vaguely opaque third of the egg that was only half cloudy, and I'd say I lost that one pretty early. The second one had some veins but I could clearly see light through at least half the egg. Probably lost that one a little later.

The third one felt completely different, though, so I'm hopeful. It was very dark inside except for a clearly defined air cell and when I picked it up it felt like something shifted around in response!

Would I have actually been able to to feel a corturnix chick on the 8th day of incubation move, though? I could have been imagining this. In any case, the third one definitely gave off the feel of being alive, so I'm happy.

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