What's the youngest you've had lay?

my SCM layed at 17 weeks. when they start squatting when you go to pick them up.....then start looking for eggs.....after they start squatting, it could be about 2 weeks or so, then here come the eggs. also, they will get really red in the face, wattles and comb.
so my hens can possibly start laying in another 3 wks??

I have:

Red Sexlink, turkens, Barred Plymouth, RIR, Black Australorp all 13 wks

3 Brahmas & 3 EE'ers -- 11 days younger than above or approx. that much younger..
Yikes, but YAY! Their combs and wattles are still just pink and no squat yet, so I still have time. I can't wait for my first teeny eggs! My hens were all laying when I got them, but these 7 littles I raised myself and they are so beautiful!

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