Whats up with my hen? Help

Chicken Girl

11 Years
Dec 31, 2008
She is just standing there like that. And in the coop. She is not hanging around the other chickens. She was not like that yesterday. They were not out side for a long time the past couple days cuz its been rainy.

Is she egg bound? Please help!

Chicken Girl

P.S. I have 2 feeders in the coop. and they tiped that one over. And she has bumble foot. i allredy treted her for it but it came back. And one other hen has it. But she is ok.
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are you sure she is not standing like that to put the weight on her toes and take it off the bottom of her feet? Feel her belly and see if you can feel something there, not too hard, if there is an egg, you don't want to break it. Its never going to hurt to give her a soak in a tub of warm water, and it might help.
Not to worry. Hens lay the STRANGEST things. I once got an egg that had a shell within a shell.

If she seems fine give her some yogurt and a comfortable place to sleep this night. Lots of water to drink and a little chick starter if you have some.

Also a small amount of poly vi sol (without iron) and vet rx are ALWAYS remedies that many use on this site.

I keep vet rx, poly vi sol, baby enfamil and starter on hand at all times.

I think the baby enfamil is better than yogurt because you can feed it via a dropper if you have to.

Don't forget the kind word and gentle voice. This goes a very long way believe it or not.

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