Whats up with my Polish??

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    I have a White Crested Black Polish who will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. I'm thinking it's a male but not sure. What I was wondering is he has some white feathering at the bottom of his wings, not a whole lot but enough to notice. Is he/she still showable or is that a DQ? I'd only be showing him/her in it's breed class in 4-H but i'd still like to know.


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    As far as I know he/she would not be showable. The older they get the more white they usually get also. I reived a Golden laced from a poultry judge, just as pet quality, and she specifcally told me because of the tiny tiny amount of white, that the bird could not be shown....bummer [​IMG]
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    Black birds often have white on them at a young age. If the bird is only 7 weeks old it will almost certainly be completely black (except crest) by the time it is old enough to show.

    If the show is 4-H, the rules are often more lenient. Also ANY bird can be used for showmanship.

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    Jan 14, 2008
    At 7 weeks he is still in his juvenile plumage. Most black birds will have some white wing feathers at this stage of development.
    If he maintains these feathers in his adult plumage it would be a disqualification.
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