What's up with my Silkie roo?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by stilldeb, Nov 25, 2011.

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    May 28, 2010
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    I have a Silkie roo who has a Polish hen, a couple of Sebrights, and an EE in with him. A few weeks ago, when the EE was molting - and I mean bad, down to the skin all over - Harry started beating her up. This was more than the usual mating, this was mean, and these guys are all nearly 2 yrs old and were raised together from day one and have always gotten along fine together. She ended up hiding under the nesting box with wounds on her because she had no feathers. I brought her inside to my isolation cage in the garage until her feathers came back, which they did.

    Today was a nice day, and I took Snickers (my EE) out to rejoin her crew and as soon as Harry saw her, he was very agitated. When I tried to put her back in her pen, the same thing happened and she ended up under the nesting box again. He wouldn't leave her alone or let her move. I rescued her and she is back in the garage. Harry is not like that with the other girls, but has just suddenly 'turned' on Snickers. Am thinking of putting her in with my younger Sultans as I'm pretty sure they will accept her and they could use another hen, but good grief.

    What's up with Harry?

    deb g
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    So much for unconditional love. I had a similar thing happen with a silkie roo. He was top dog from day one but one day I went out to find his butt getting wooped. I took him out and put him in with my cochins and he seemed ok there. Well one day they decided that it was time he had a butt woopin again. lol. Well I took him out....again and tried him back with the silkies....same thing happened. Well I currently have him in with a couple non dom roos and all the hens and things are fine. All the boys that were beating up on him are now in a pen together. Things are all good now. [​IMG] You may even try putting her in at night first to see if they all wake up and he forgets that she wasn't there when he went to sleep. If he is mean again, I say, take him out and let him chill out for a while so that the EE can rebond with the girls and add him back in a week or so. When you put him back, try doing it at night.

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