Whats up with this Egg Color?

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    I have 3 Wyandotte Hens, 2 GL and a SL, I got one GL & one SL
    they both layed pinkish eggs. I then got the other GL later . I had all these girls in my large pen with my cochin hens, my Buff Orp hens and my older RIR.
    I always got pinkish eggs, my brownish eggs and a whitish egg. I always assumed the whitish one was my older BO, she has always laid a lighter egg, she is a hatchery bird.
    I moved some birds around this week and put the GL girls in with my Houdan, Phoenix roos, some younger BO's and my Lakenvelder Trio.
    Yesterday I go out to check and collect eggs and there is 2 smaller brown eggs from my young BO hen and a white egg [​IMG]
    This egg looks to big to have come from my younger Lakenvelders, but is it possible for a GLW to lay a white egg? [​IMG]

    Here are 2 from the big pen (far left and middle) and the one from yesterday (far right)


    Up close (the eggs from the big pen always had rough shells) this is the first one from the big pen

    This is the second from the big pen


    This is the one from yesterday a little smaller and smooth
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    [​IMG] but did you EAT IT yet? [​IMG]

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