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    Jun 8, 2007
    kemp texas
    i have 15 8 month old rirs and they were laying about 12 eggs a day 3 weeks ago.i put them on a lighting program and they are laying less and less ever day. im down to 3 eggs a day please help me.what happened
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    I just experienced a complete stop with two of my 9 month old pullets who had been laying. One stopped for six weeks and I finally noticed that she was going through a sort of mini- molt. Same story with the other one. Both had been laying very well since they began.
  3. We went thru the same thing --- lucky to get a dozen eggs a day from over 100 hens.
    I think it was a combination of things here: changes in temperature, molting, psycho stray dogs running around all night keeping everyone disturbed.
    [​IMG] Can't control the weather, but everyone sleeps better at night and the girls are laying better.

    Have you noticed your girls molting?
    Hope things straighten out there.


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