whats wrong with her?


11 Years
Dec 30, 2008
hollister, florida
well my little hen to be will be a year old on the 21st of this month and she is a buff cochin bantam. shes barely eating shes not running around shes walking very slowly everywhere. she sleeps a lot when she was a baby she had problems pooping and i had to help her with that and when she started laying eggs it was painful for her to do that as well. she hasnt layed and egg in maybe 2 months now. i brought her in last night away from the other girls and her crop was mostly empty but it felt like it had some uncooked rice in there. ive never given them uncooked rice before or anything that could remotely feel like it. what should i do? ive tried yuogart ive tried it mixed in with her food. i just dont know what to do. could she be egg bound? i dont know what the signs of being egg bound look like. please help i just dont know what to do. thank you
sorry, I don't really know what it might be, but, I just had a 18month hen in a molt who had difficulty walking and limited appetite. I read here to give her Vit B12 and Vit. E supplements. Four days later she was walking and feeding normally. I also gave her some electrlytes from the feed store, nutri-drench. May help give her some strenght. Good luck, keep her separated from the rest of the flock, they will peck at her, keeping her warm will help also, good luck

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