Whats wrong with my chicken?


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May 14, 2020
So my chicken for probably 3 or 4 weeks has been having what I would call messy butt but she is 29 weeks old has been laying since sept. She acts totally fine!! She eats, she active, she's not losing wt. She is completely normal except her butt.
No one else has been like this. I clean her up and within a few days she's a mess again. Diarrhea can mean anything and since she is totally fine otherwise I don't know what to do with this. Any words of wisdom??? Please help!!
Some chickens just get droppings stuck on their bottoms, especially if they have loose droppings. It may be positional, but once they get poop stuck, it tends to collect. You might try some probiotics or plain yogurt ( a tsp daily) to see if it helps. Having dropping stuck there can be irritating or burn, and in warm weather they can get maggot larvae laid by flies easily. So I would try to break off any dried droppings, possibly trimming a little excess fluff, and clean her up. You can get some droppings check ed for worms or parasites, just in case.

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