What's wrong with my chickens behind?


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013

Im a first time chicken owner and were loving it so far, we bought 8 chicks from ct farm and country and when we got them they all were the same size. 2 are bantees so I know theyre going to stay smaller, the rest are pullets I think. 4 of them are a similar size but these 2 have ballooned up and are way bigger then the rest. we got them in February.
first question: Any idea what breed these 2 are?
2. since Im still learning and researching about chickens im not sure whats wrong with theyre butts?
I think these 2 are about ready to lay there first eggs, all our chickens are free range but these 2 haven't been leaving the coop so I think there nesting, but does that explain why shes so red? and is the poopy butt normal?
hi no poppy butt isn't normal and I can't see very well but maybe she or others are pecking on her behind? for the poppy butt you might want to try a good probotic like probios for chickens.I use that and it cures up my poopy butt fast. what it is is a powered beneficial bacteria that is put in the water. the good bacteria colonizes in the gut and helps fight the bad bacteria.like the bacteria that causes poppy butt. as for the pecking if that's what's going on. you can use a product called rooster booster peck no more.it works great to stop pecking. one question I could see in the picture but nothing coming out of her bottom is it? like protruding tissue or anything? because if that's the case its a different issue called a prolapse. for a prolapse you would give a warm bath and put hemmorid cream on the tissue to try and shrink it. you could also go to the vet and have them place it back in and do a purse suture to hold the area. but as long as no tissue is protruding out of the vent area then you wouldn't worry about this treatment. its just pecked and pink right? in this case try the Peck no more. hope this is helpful. sorry I couldn't really see to well in the pic. hope she gets better soon.
Thank you we will try the stuff you recommended. We did have an issue with our Rhode island reds pecking but that's not what this looks like, before there was some blood from pecking but now it's red like it's soar and we only have 1 rooster, he's a bantees and he's our smallest. The bantees actually seem to hide underneath the big ones and cuddle with them. The bantees aren't much bigger from when we got them. If you click on the pictures it makes them bigger!

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