Whats wrong with my duck's foot?


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So my duck, Ange, was doing perfectly well this morning. Walking fine and was his or her usual self (still dont know if boy or girl). when we changed the water dish for the ducks (the dish is so they can drink and get a bit wet) ange ran over like usual. a while later though, mom went to check on them and saw that ange didn't come when called. she checked on her to find out that poor ange had a horrible limp and refuses to use her leg at all if possible. we put her in the bath for now so she can float in the water a bit to help relax her and take away strain of standing on the one leg, or worse, putting pressure on the hurt leg. we think she might have hurt her leg while getting out of the water dish, but are there any other possibilities on why shes suddenly hurting? and their bedding is cedar, could she have gotten a splinter, but if so how can it be hurting so bad that she doesnt even wanna stand? btw, ange is a pekin duck at about 9 weeks or 3 months
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Change the bedding to pine, cedar has toxic fumes and can harm small animals, check for a splinter and if you see one remove it, if not get a small stick and some tape and make a splint for the duckling, keep it on until she walks normal. I had something similar happen to one of my chickens, just put a splint on its leg and hope for the best. P.S the chicken is fine now.
well both of our ducks are starting to get their grown up feathers (in fact we think ange might be a boy, and the other one, sammy, a girl), so they're not exactly babies anymore. and the place we got them from was using cedar, are u sure its not good for them? also, sammy hurt her leg before too but not nearly as bad, but they were smaller so we just constricted her movement and she healed pretty fast. are u sure a splint is needed? cuz i know they will both peck at it a lot, especially ange. oh and btw, while ange was in the tub i saw the bottom of his foot and I didnt see any splinter. if there is one, i cant see it, and theres no cuts or blood.
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Pekins can sprain their legs, and while a splint may sometimes be the way to go, I would offer that keeping her confined a bit and treating her twice a day with Epsom salt solution compresses - just like you would a person's sprained ankle - would be something to try for four days or so.

Epsom salt - dissolve a couple of tablespoons in lukewarm water- about half a cup of water. Then soak a clean cloth in that, and wrap that around the leg and foot and gently hold her for five minutes if possible.

I have also used Traumeel on leg injuries on my runners and buffs. It is a cream. Just a tiny dab, rubbed into the entire leg. I used it on myself for a sprain.

Those are my ideas.
Thanks, that sounds more doable. We don't want to stress Ange out any more than he already is so I think a splint would just make him fidget more. We'll try the confining and salt solution idea. I don't think we have traumeel and im not sure where to get it, but if we do find some, is it safe if they ingest any? because when they drink their water from the dish, they stand in the dish to drink, so if ange does that while the cream is on, the cream might get in the water, even if it is just a dab.
My Pekins have gotten injured feet, as did one Muscovy this year. The first Pekin was killed by the two black ducks I had (I did not know that ducks may kill an injured bunk mate). Now, I confine the injured duck to a very small area away from the other ducks until they recover. It took about a week for the Pekins each time. The Muscovy was better in four days and climbed out of the small pen! I guess she wanted us to know she was better! So far, I have not ever been able to figure out why the limping starts nor do I find any sign of injury. Maybe it is a sprain.
Hmmm, Traumeel is topical, so if you are concerned, don't worry with that. I put a little dab on at night, when they don't have access to swimming, and generally mine - adults - do not get into their water bucket at night.
Well now we are almost sure he broke his middle toe and we arent sure if theres anything else wrong with maybe the heel of his foot because we've seen that swell a little too on the bottom (but not enough to cause too much concern). hes been trying to use the foot occasionally but mostly he lays down and keeps off of it. and when we put him in the bath, he just relaxes happily and floats there. he doesnt mind us touching his foot its just when he tries to step that he has problems. thankfully though, sammy (our other duck) hasnt tried to attack him in any way and shes actually supporting him and hasnt left his side. sometimes when we keep in at them, we find them snuggled together with their heads wrapped around each other. its comforting to know that they have bonded so well. we might have to take ange to the doctor soon though, because he isnt healing at all. we restrict him as much as we can but no change so far. and a few times if he tries to get to the food or water, he'll limp bad enough to just kinda fall on his side almost. we feel so bad for him.
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Well we couldnt find any of that salt you said to use, but we have been restricting his movements and giving him lots of warm baths for him to soak in. we've also been massaging it softly to soothe him. this worked when sammy hurt her leg, but for him there have been no results so far. on monday we might just take him to the vet.

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