what's wrong with my girl?


12 Years
May 8, 2007
earlier this year my hens were coughing & i had one that died, and so we assumed CRD and treated for it. since then everyone has been fine but this one hen has consistently been more lethargic then the others but mostly OK.

well the last days she's been acting funny. her comb had been shrinking for the last few months, but now it's almost non-existent. what is there is barely identifiable as a comb, the color is so far gone. she eats and drinks normally but her poo today was quite watery but no signs of blood. she is a big girl, probably one of my largest hens. they're NH Reds about 1.5 years old. is this just a reappearance of the CRD?

i've read thru all the diseases but can't find a match. anyone have any ideas?


Human Encyclopedia
13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
True diagnosis would be impossible but it is advised to give probiotics (a simple form is a live culture yogurt) after antibiotics as the aB will destroy the good as well as the bad. Offer her this free choice ad I would also give a good general supplement like avia Charge 2000 and also put her on Polyvisol Enfamil for a week (three drops a day) in addition to that. This is general support measure to help her system get back on track.

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