What's Wrong With Ted?!?

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    May 31, 2011
    Hey all, I've got an issue with a rooster and I hope somebody will know what in the world is going on!
    Ted isn't even my rooster, but he's been hanging around and I've just been giving him a safe place at night.
    Yesterday I went to open the door for the flock and turn on the light... I took him out, deciding it was best to finally bring him home.
    That was when I noticed his foot was double the size of the other and he had blisters on each side of the middle toe.
    I've never ever seen anything like this, but tried my best to help him out. I left him in the coop, figuring maybe it'd heal itself over the course of the day...
    When I went to check on him that afternoon the blisters had popped, but the entire foot was still swollen up to the ankle and he's now limping horribly.
    I have no idea what to do! This poor guy looks to be in so much pain, but I've never seen anything like this so I'm not sure how to alleviate it...
    The entire pad on the foot is swollen up like a balloon and the whole thing is hot. There's no bumblefoot scabs or anything like that, it looks completely normal and then suddenly blisters and swelling.
    I really hope somebody has some answers!!!
    (I know Ted's not my rooster, or my responsibility, but I couldn't sleep at night knowing he has an issue and I just sent him home without doing anything)




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    That does indeed look like bumblefoot or a staph infection, but I would think there would be a scab. Mycoplasma synoviae could also be a possiblitly. Foot soaks in warm epsom salts may help. I would probably bring him in and try to do bumblefoot surgery since it looks so painful. Can you take him to a vet for this? He may benefit from penicillin shots also. Procaine penicillin G is available at most feed stores in the refrigerator. Dosage is 1/10 ml/cc in to the breast muscle, but some folks like to give up to a 1/2 cc/ml daily for 4 days. Use a 20 gauge needle because it is thick. Here is some info:

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