What's wrong with this Chick???

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    Okay so I bought these chicks all at the same time, they came as a group of "Black Layers" or something like that. All good, healthy, happy chicks with strong appetites, activity levels and good weights. They are now around 5-6wks old.

    This is what they look like now, they're so pretty [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Except for this one!! WHY is this one SO TINY??!?

    See her down in there to the right??

    I am completely stumpped, I have no idea why she is so itty bitty and why she has not feathered in. she is identical to the rest, as in same breed(whatever is may be)... I am lost. any ideas??
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    Could be a runt. I have 4 Barred Rock hens that were all from the same hatch. All are 4 years old and one of them is much smaller than the other 3, she has always been the smallest. As long as your little pullet is eating and drinking normally, you have nothing to worry about.

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