What's your dumb dog story?


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Jun 14, 2008
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Funny ones by the way....

My old girl is getting blind and deaf...she's a black shepard.

My 2 year old daughter had gotten into the last bits of the rainbow goldfish crackers and apparently left the box on the floor.

Well, my mom took my other daughter to kindergarten and was telling me about the box of goodies dd's class is collecting to send to my husband currently serving in Iraq....when a noise distracts me and something is seen from the corner of my eye...so I stop talking and turn my head to find....

said dog with her head in a rainbow goldfish cracker box stuck to her face and walking into the living room furniture, bowing her head up and down and walking trying to shake free.

I can't call her loudly enough for her to know I'm on my way to save the day, nor can she see me with the cracker box stuck to her face only prolonging her supposed state of helplessness.

All for a measly loose 4 fish crackers on the bottom of the box.



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Oct 20, 2007
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Oh my!!
My stories mostly involve dogs getting into food as well.
We had a lab/shepherd cross who would get into things left on the counter, but only if he felt we deserved it. For instance, if we didn't spend enough time at home with him. If we went back out after working all day and didn't take him with us he get into something. One time it was a brand new 5 pound bag of flour I had left on the counter. He dragged it onto the dark green living room carpet, tore it open and proceeded to make glue out of the flour and his saliva. OMG, what a mess!!! He had little balls of glop stuck all over his face and whiskers. Another time he got into a bag of balloons and ate them all. I called the vet who assured me that if they went down without choking him they'd probably pass with no problems, but we'd have to COUNT them to make sure they all came out!! For a week we could be seen walking around the backyard poking at dog poop with a stick calling out, "Found another one!"
And that's only one of the 6 dogs I've had as an adult.


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Jul 19, 2008
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This one is easy,,,, because it happened yesterday and I saw the whole thing play out. My dumb dog was running around poking his big black snout in all the holes in the yard. He'd give a big sniff,,,and move on. Yeah,,you can see were this is going,,, the last hole he stuck his nose in, gave a big snort,,and fell over backwards. I'm not kiddin,,just folded his back legs,,and rolled straight over backwards. This is a very big,,,100 pound black dog,, who isn't afraid of anything. He let out a scream that raised the hackles on the back of your neck,,, got to his feet as I was running his way. I just knew a copperhead or rattlesnake had got him,,,but no,,, just one very upset chipmunk that was now attached to my dogs tongue!!! I just stood there,,,in shock,, because that chipmunk had a death hold on,,,he was screamin,,,the dog was screamin,,,,I was laughing,,, the chipmunk decided he had enough and let go,,,,the dog was bleedin awhile,,,tongue pierced,,,but hey,,,thats the style now anyway,,,,


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Apr 1, 2008
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My now 3yr old Borzoi is pretty dumb most of the time (common-sense-wise) but when he’s trying to be sneaky—like stealing food off the counter, etc he can be pretty smart.

The dumbest thing I’ve seen him do is when I took him down to my parents’ house and they have a big glass door that leads out to their sun porch and then outside. It’s the door we always go in/out of. One night, he was pacing around (usually a sign he has to go outside). Well, he kept going over to their fireplace & staring into the glass doors. We finally figured out that he was thinking those were the glass doors we came in through & that he did have to go outside! HA!


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Sep 3, 2008
Well, I can't quite compete with the chipmunk, but all the same. Let me paint you a picture:

Over sized black husky (100 lbs!) and a stunted jack russell (maybe 10 inches tall). Both very lazy and free roaming on property. Our property is bordered by a creek on 2 sides, so there is an abundance of frogs, toads, you name it during the spring and fall.

Well, the puppies decided one day to finally pay attention to a toad (after a year of totally ignoring them). So, they corner it, and want to play. Not only do they not kill it, but decided that making friends was in order! So here come the friendly licks.... You get the idea. An hour or so pass and I decide to check up on the dogs (since I haven't seen them or heard them for that long!). Here is the scene I come to:

Big dog spread out on the grass, foam at the mouth, wagging her tail slowly, small dog on his back, legs straight in the air, tongue hanging out... and in between them a toad! So of course, I rush in, grab my little dog, check if he is OK. His pupils are dilated but he is otherwise fine. On to the big dog. Same.

It turns out my dogs do toad! Yep, they get their willies off of licking toads in the yard. It's been 2 years, and we can't seem to get them to leave the things alone. They will find them, corner them and lick them for hours on end? Should I have an intervention?

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