What's Your Favorite Chicken Book?


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May 25, 2020
Western Washington
Hey, everyone! When you begin to think about raising chickens, chances are, you've read some books on keeping chickens. Or maybe your a seasoned chicken keeper who just has a favorite book on chickens, like on a topic of building chicken coops galore, or how to grow your own chicken feed. Or, who knows? Maybe you wrote a book on chickens, and it's your pride and joy. Whatever it is, please share about it below! It can be anything related to chickens, I would just love to hear about it! Don't be shy - even if you don't have a favorite - (I know I'm still trying to figure out mine!) go ahead and share about some books on chickens that you found helpful or enjoyed. It doesn't even have to be one particular book - it could be several if you have multiple books you enjoy! Anyway, chat away! (Just please remember to respect everyone and treat everyone with kindness. :) Thanks!) :hugs

(Also - sorry if I didn't post this in the right forum! If you think I should have it moved to somewhere else, please let me know! :D)
Henny Penny :D

Many books aren't worth owning, IMO.
When I first started I got a dozen or so from the library, many had seriously inaccurate info....
...most were just cashing in on the backyard chicken fad and are rather shallow.

Only ones I found worth buying were:
Harvey Ussary's The Small-Scale Poultry Flock.
Gail Damerow's Chicken Health.
Neither are 'end all be all'......and I haven't hardly cracked them since I bought and read them the first time.
I rely more on the info I've gleaned here and the notes I've taken when I find good info.
My favorite of all time is probably How to Speak Chicken by Melissa Caughey

Cool thread idea :D

I like this one too!

The one I would recommend to all new poultry keepers or even advanced breeders is 'The Practical Encyclopaedia Of Chicken Keeping' by Fred Hams.

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