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I have 4 ISA Browns, 4 White Rocks, 3 RIR, 2 Barred Rocks and 1 Black Sex Link. All 7 months old, raised from chicks together.(all hens)
The Browns hastle no one
The BR hastle only the Browns
The BSL hastle the Browns and BR
The RIR hastle the BSL,BR and Browns
The White Rocks hastle everybody

The Brown and BSL roosters hastle no one.

No big problem, an occasional feather, no blood.
Good egg production all in good health.
I enjoy observing the natural behavior, all are free ranged. Plenty of room.

What do yours do?
We have two BR's and two easter-eggers . . . the boss-hen is a BR, her second-in-command is the other BR, who seems more or less equal with one of the EE's, and the other EE (strangely the biggest of all of them) is at the bottom of the totem pole. But for the most part there's not a whole lot of hassling going on.
Molly, an EE hen, is the top, but she is SO above everyone else (in her mind) that she doesn't even have to peck the others...they just know. She also sleeps in the rafters of the coop to be above EVERYONE.
My BRs act top dog (even to the roos) followed by the other other EEs. (My EEs and BRs were here before everyone else)
Then, probably the Delawares
the Buckeyes, Javas and Jersey Giants are mixed in here somewhere
Then the Faverolles.

My Jersey Giant roo is top roo and my Faverolle roo is a wuss.
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I have 3 red sex link hens and one bantam rock roo. They all seem to get along well most of the time. Once in awhile at feeding time, 2 of the hens have lightly pecked at the other one. Kinda like telling her to wait her turn-she always acts like an outsider from the rest and must be at the bottom of pecking order. Keeping more to herself and doing her own thing during the day and sleeping in the nest at night while the other two are never far from the rooster and sleep on the roost with him. Sometimes they are all together, or even mix up who's with who during the day, but night is always the same. But then I've only had my birds since 9/14, so who knows how they'll surprise me cause everytime I think I know what's going on I find out I'm wrong again.
I have 27 chickens and it can be hard to pinpoint where everyone ends up. I can tell you that my SLW rooster is the supreme ruler. Everyone does exactly what he tells them to. He has his inner circle of hens, 2 BRs, 2 GLWs, 2 Golden Comets, 1 Black Sex-link, 1 Colombian Wyandotte, and 2 SLWs. Generally one of the Golden Comets is his second in command, the darker of the two. Lately though he has been favoring different ladies in turn. He is the flock control freak and who ever he says is the top, is the top. For a while he even had my tiny Mille hen at the top and all the big girls would shy away from her as she walked proudly by her man.

The bottom of the flock is occupied by my 4 blind Wyandottes. With the youngest group of 5 just above them. Just above that is my smaller black sex-link hen who is usually pretty bald due to being picked on when she tries to fit in with the others. I'm happy to see that over the last few weeks she is getting in new feathers and the other chickens so far have not plucked them out, she almost looks like a chicken again.

Everyone else falls somewhere in between
We have somewhere near 150 chickens all ages from hatching today to wiser and older but
Shabby Chic runs the entire place...she's a Buff Rock pullet about 6 months old...everyone and every chicken knows this is HER place.
In the rooster pads it is the Black Minorca's reining as King
Rest there is no order all get along with each other fine and equally.
With my flock, the oldest are at the top.
1-Agatha, elderly EE hen--she is so wise and experienced that she doesn't need to peck to establish order. She is the best momma hen ever (mom to the flock). If I pick up a hen and she squawks, Agatha runs up and saves her. Whenever new chicks are born to a broody, the broody is required to let Agatha inspect the babies and accept them into the flock.
2-Gloria, not as old as #1, but 2nd oldest
3-Clara, buff orp
I won't list all the hens (b/c I have fifty)


top 4- Are the oldest bantams
1 Chanticleer the Dutch
2 Vienna the OEGB
3 Galileo the Dutch
4 Remus the OEGB

Then I recently got a barred rock roo who is always tormented by the top four bantams
Oliver the Barred Rock

Under Oliver are the five youngest roos, all mix-breeds, whom I won't list...
Everybody seems to get along...no missing feathers. I have 14 hens (EE,RIR,BR,Sexlinks), 1EE roo, 1 tom and 1 turkey hen. They all reside in the same coop. There are two large ladder style roosts. 2/3 of the hens get on one with the roo and the remaining 1/3 roost with the turkey hen. I don't know who rules...probably the tom. He's too fat to get on the roost.
I am at the top of the pecking order around here

I have Orps, banty cochins, RIRs, BRs, Games, BCMs, EEs, and some mutts.

My games are always at the top of the pecking order...hen and roo

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