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    DH is hoping to combine wheat tomorrow so I am going to give him a bag or bucket so he can bring me home a bunch of the grain. Is this ok for the chickens for snacks? I would just throw some out like you would scratch every so often.
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    I accidentally grew some wheat this year when a straw bale that the chooks helped distribute apparently contained seeds that then germinated. The chooks have really enjoyed getting the wheat grains from the seed heads. So yes, they will enjoy it. Watch for quantity though. No one food is a complete feed - they need variety - so if you give them too much wheat, they won't eat as much of other foods and therefore won't meet all of their nutritional needs.
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    Sounds good! [​IMG]
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    Wheat is an excellent scratch grain.

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    I feed several hundred pounds a year-good stuff. The oil contained therein is great for feather development.
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    Great-thanks everyone! DH is going to cut wheat this afternoon so I'll give him a big bag to put some in for the chicks. [​IMG]

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