Wheaten Marans Free pick up only.


14 Years
Dec 22, 2009
Hill Country Texas
I have 5 Buddy Henry Wheaton Marans hatched on 14 Feb 10 that I am giving away for pick up only.

West Central Florida pick up.

They are all roosters. I hatched out 5 and they all turned out to be roosters. If you need a good rooster from great blood lines, this is for you.

20 minutes on Craigslist and gone......
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I live in Miami FL but im heading up their in spring break (which will be the 26-29 of this month). Will it be possible to pick them up on the 29th when me and my familly are heading back home, or I have familly up their that might be able to pick them up sooner if you want to get them off of your hand sooner.

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