Wheaten Old English Game Fowl? Bantam?


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6 Years
Apr 7, 2013
Murrayville, Georgia
This was a rescue chicken that we found as a chick in a supermarket parking lot last year. We brought him home, nursed him back to health and now he oversees our pasture raised flock. Because of our desire to breed specific breeds and to alternate those breeds on pasture, we either need to lock this one up or find him a new home. He is the same size as our Barred Rock and RIR hens, which makes me think he is a bantam, but I could be wrong. Before I try to find him a new home, I would like to find out what he is. He is NPIP certified, as indicated by the leg band. The closest thing I can find to him is the Wheaten Old English Game Fowl that is shown on Cacklehatchery.com
Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!


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