Wheezing and coughing!!! HELP!

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    my 1-yr old RIR hen starting wheezing and coughing tonight. i just went out to check on her and she's roosting, but still wheezing quite loudly with every breath. what should i do? she hasn't layed in at least a week and a half.
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    May 13, 2009
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    Wow !!
    I had a hen ( RIR) who did the same thing and it went on for about a week. She was eating normaly and everything else so I did nothing. I think birds get colds too. Or they have eaten something that doesn't agree with them and some object they ate gets lodged in their throat... If she is roosting, that's a good sign. If birds are really sick, they will lay on the groung and keep their distance from the other birds. If she is roosting, eating, drinking, don't worry. She will get over this. Hope this helpes. Ray

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