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    May 13, 2013
    I have a 8 month old barred rock that was wheezing, struggling to breath, and had a 'runny nose'. I checked with the local feed store where I got the chickens and they suggested that I isolate her and put TerraVet-10 in her water. She has been in a different location in a cage for 3 days, has feed and water with the TerraVet-10, and I have a heater on very low about 5 feet from the cage so she doesn't get too cold. I have added mealworms, scratch, smashed hard boiled eggs and yogurt to her diet but she doesn't seem to be interested in the food at all. She is losing weight but her breathing seems to be better. She was holding her mouth wide open and gasping for air, now she has her mouth closed most of the time, breathing not labored at all, but I can still hear a little rattle when she breaths. The other thing about her is her comb is very dark red. I know that she doesn't like being in isolation. Was wondering if I moved the cage I have her in to the main chicken house, still keep her in the cage but around the other birds if that might help? I don't really want to put her down but don't want her to starve to death slowly. I don't want to give the rest of the flock whatever she has either. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.
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    The rest of the flock may have been exposed already, but I would keep her away until you decide what to do. Unfortunately, respiratory diseases in poultry are usually chronic and can make carriers of your flock for life. It would be good to know what she has, whether it is MG, coryza, ILT, bronchitis, or another disease, and you can do that be having her tested. If she would die, I would recommend getting a necropsy done by your state vet. Here is a link to read about respiratory diseases, and others for your state vet and testing facilities:

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