"Wheezing" Broody? Help?


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5 Years
May 28, 2014
Hey BYC!

I have a broody (who's been with 2 chicks since Friday) who just made a new sound. The sound is a lot like wheezing -low her throat, like snoring. It's not growling -she's done that before. I've had chickens for three years, but this new sound is not like anything I've heard a broody (or chicken!) make. She doesn't have any discharge from her eyes, nostrils, or mouth and she has been eating, drinking, and pooping (
-eww, dreaded broody poops)

Here's the Drive link to a short recording of her making 'the sound'...hopefully someone knows what's up with her!
Pickle Making a Strange Sound

Hope someone can help! (If she needs it!) Or at least knows if this is a normal broody sound.

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