Wheezing Chicken - ideas?


13 Years
May 19, 2009
Bennett, NC
Last night when we put our girls up, we noticed one was wheezing. The first two YouTube results for "wheezing chicken" sound just like she did. We brought her in the house and checked for any other symptoms, hbt couldn't find anything. Her poop looks normal and she enjoyed some warm oatmeal for breakfast, so her appetite is fine. This morning, the wheezing was gone. We read about using Tylan for respiratory issues last night, so we are going to get some today to keep on hand if it comes back.

Does anyone have ideas on what this could have been, or any other symptoms we should be looking for? Are there any sorts of supplements or treats I should give her? Any thoughts are appreciated!
If she has no more symptoms and no other chickens have symptoms of illness- I personally do not recommend you treat with antibiotics just in case. That really messed with a chickens immune system (just like it does with people). I suggest making sure there is actually an illness before treating.

Appetite? Normal, increased or decreased?
Do a full body check on her. Normal weight, thin, abnormally fat, any lumps, look at skin underneath feathers and you want to see it nice and clear.
Eyes? Swelling, oozing, foamy, runny...?
Beak? Open or closed when resting and not hot?
Nostrils? Swelling, clear, snotty, oozy, wet, moist etc?

What litter method do you use? Deep litter method? This can sometimes lead to respiratory issues- the ammonia can cause issues and it may not affect all birds the same. If it's pretty deep and hasn't been done in a while- might be time to clean it all out and put down fresh clean dry bedding. Make sure there is NO mold in the coop, on the floor or the bedding (which can happen with deep litter method sometimes).

In the meantime offer a supplement in their water like Rooster Booster http://www.arcatapet.com/item.cfm?cat=15046 I buy the snot out of this stuff. I give it to my ducks, chickens, geese and EVEN my lizards. :) It never hurts to offer this stuff. It's not a medicine- just chock full of good stuff to help boost their immune system.

Also when not giving Rooster Booster I put apple cider vinegar in their drinking water (in non metal waterers, plastic only)- the kind with the mother in it...like Braggs brand.

Hope this helps!
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